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A large Sarcosuchus, known as a Belly Dragger, appears in The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration as the secondary antagonist.


He first appears and attempts to eat Littlefoot but is stopped when Sue stomps on him. After Littlefoot, his grandparents, and Sue leave the scene, the Belly Dragger resurfaces, gasping for breath, and then goes back underwater, waiting for new prey to come his way.

Later, when Cera and the rest of Littlefoot's friends come to the swamp later in the film, he pretends to be a rock in the water. While the children discuss which rock they should jump on next, the Belly Dragger is very annoyed. He finally loses his patience and attacks them, but gets trapped under a rotten log due to Cera's horn gouging a hole in the base of a tree, which cracks its foundation and topples it over onto his neck. The tree also forces open his mouth, setting Petrie free before he can be eaten.

After the Belly Dragger is trapped, Cera and the rest of the gang continue on course to make their escape, making sure to be far away as they can as they can until he resurfaces. When he does, he is frustrated and sinks his head into the water.


  • The exact color of the Belly Dragger is unknown, as the first scene he is in takes place near nighttime and the second scene he appears in is under the effects of the dull greenish swamp atmosphere.
  • The scene turns red when the Belly Dragger reveals itself to attack Littlefoot's friends; it turns back to normal when the Belly Dragger gets stuck under the tree. This was to make the scene more climatic between the main characters encounter with the Belly Dragger and may been to express the sheer anger of the creature.
  • In spite of being a Belly Dragger, the horrified gang asks out loud "What is it?". It's possible that they were inferring to the sheer size of the creature and his distinct appearance (never having seen such type of Belly Dragger before), since he is a far larger Belly Dragger then Dil or the Rutiodons featured in the TV Series.
Large Belly Dragger 3


  1. Ducky calls the Belly Dragger a 'he'.

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