Belly Dragger is the Land Before Time term for crocodilians and phytosaurs, specifically the large ancient species Deinosuchus (Bigmouth Belly dragger) and Sarcosuchus.

Dil from The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists is a Big-mouth Belly dragger. Sarcosuchus appears in The Land Before Time X, attacking Littlefoot and later his friends (both as they traversed the swamp), and Rutiodon appears in The Amazing Threehorn Girl, chasing the gang until Cera causes a rockslide and later returning with more.

Belly Draggers in The Land Before Time

Voice actors

Dil = Tress MacNeille


Dill, the Deinosuchus, 4th movie

Large Belly Dragger 3

10th movie Belly Dragger, The Sarcosuchus


TV Series Belly Dragger is the Rutiodons (One only can be found in this picture and also shows Daddy Topps standing)

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