Andrias scheuchzeri is a species of giant salamander from the Oligocene to the Miocene period of Switzerland. It is an extinct member of the same genus that includes both the Chinese and Japanese giant salamanders, two of the largest amphibians in modern times. A debate is currently going on as to wether or not this species is actually the same as the modern Chinese giant salamander, which would mean that the species isn't actually extinct. When it was first discovered, it was originally thought to be a mutilated human child that had drowned in the Biblical flood, but it was later determined to actually be a salamander. It's original scientific name when it was thought to be a hominid was Homo diluvia ("man witness to the flood").

In The Land Before Time

Andrias TLBT

Andrias scheuchzeri in The Land Before Time Animated Moviebook.

Andrias scheuchzeri appears in one of the minigames of The Land Before Time Animated Moviebook.